Rigid Polystyrene Foam Heat Insulation Boards & Corner Blocks. Building Cladding, Building Heat Loss Saving, Eco Friendly Building.

H&S Materials Limited have been manufacturing Eco Friendly building insulation materials for use in the construction industry for over ten years. In an age where the Carbon Footprint reduction is important, our building materials are produced to rigorous standards, making an outstanding contribution to sustainable building.

H&S range of products includes:

  • Rigid Polystyrene Foam Heat Insulation Boards
  • Tongue and Groove EPS Heat Insulation Corner Blocks

For further details of our products and sizes please visit our Products page.

Corner Heat Insulation Blocks

We use the most advanced technology in manufacturing our range of building heat insulation boards/panels. Our uniquely designed special corner insulation block has strong advantages over traditional insulation panels, yielding far higher heat insulation properties because there is no air gap at the corners of the building. It is easier and quicker to install that standard corner configurations and also offers a higher resistance to moisture. Our corner wall insulation block is used as the anchor point for wall cladding the insulation system. See Products page for details.

Dovetail Groove Surface Design Building Insulation Cladding Blocks

The innovative H&S Dovetail Groove design provides a strong key for the cement coating and improves adhesion. This intelligent design feature also enables moisture to run down the board rather than remain on the surface, thus preventing long term degradation of the rigid polystyrene heat insulation block.

Our other popular design feature, the Tongue & Groove edge, enables panels to be connected together in an exact fit. This reduces air gaps considerably and significantly improves the thermal insulation properties of the insulation panel system.

External Wall Insulation Cladding

In UK building construction, heat insulation panels are usually located within the wall cavity. This type of application is also possible using the H&S Materials panels. However, the H&S Materials is extra compressed, rendering it extremely robust and yield exceptional insulation properties (see Products Page for more detail). To maximise the benefit of the enhanced thermal insulation properties of our boards, they should be used as cladding on the external wall surface of the building.

Eco Building Component - Insulation Blocks, Double Glazing & Heat Pumps

Our external insulation cladding blocks can form a key component of an environmentally sustainable building. Along with high rated double glazed windows and doors, internal insulation measures and air our ground source heat pumps, our insulation blocks will contribute significantly to the carbon footprint reduction of a building.

ESP Plain Heating Insulation Board, ESP Corner Block, Dovetail Groove and Tongue & Groove Design.

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