Rigid Polystyrene Wall Heat Insulation Board & EPS Corner Block - Dovetail Groove and Tongue & Groove Design

Extra High Material Content – Excellent Building Thermal Insulation Properties

H&S Materials use an advanced production technology which enables us to produce boards with an exceptionally high polystyrene content. Other manufacturers can achieve up to 90% material content, with 10% air. The H&H Materials process delivers boards with up to 95% material content and only 5% air. This high material content makes the board robust and is also responsible for the excellent thermal insulation properties.

EPS Building Heat Insulation Board - Building Corner Block

H&S Materials Limited manufactures the special corner insulation block, which no UK manufacturers offer. There are two specific advantages of the corner insulation block:

  • No air gap at the corners – a major source of heat loss with standard insulation board
    corner configurations.
  • Easier and faster to install on the building.

Building Corner Block – The Anchor Point For Wall Cladding

The H&S corner insulation block is designed to be used as the anchor block for the whole wall insulation system. The corner blocks are installed first and then wall panels can be trimmed as required to complete the wall cladding for maximum thermal insulation efficiency.

Design – Dovetail Groove Wall Panel Design

The innovative Dovetail Groove design provides a strong key for the cement coating and improves adhesion. This strong feature also enables moisture to run down the board rather than remain on the surface, thus preventing long term degradation of the EPS insulation block.

Tongue & Groove Board Edging

H&S Materials’s Tongue & Groove edge design enables panels to be connected together in an exact fit without air gaps. This reduces air gaps considerably, significantly improving the thermal insulation properties of the system.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Wall / Building Insulation Panel & Corner Block. Dovetail Groove and Tongue & Groove Design

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